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Useful to-do list for Firefox


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ReminderFox is a browser extension for Firefox that allows you to store your appointments and important tasks without having to keep any other programs open. It stays on your browser's address bar, and you can access it by right-clicking or double-clicking its icon. You can also move the icon to a different area of the browser, if you so choose.

You can use this plugin to keep track of all of your events, meetings, appointments, and any other things that you need to remember. Its event programmer is very comprehensive, and you can specify the exact minute that you want to be alerted. You can also add a description to each event so that you don't forget any important details.

The program is also useful as a to-do list. As you complete your tasks, you can strike them off the list.

ReminderFox is completely configurable. You may be surprised at all the options that you have, which even include the ability to change the sounds that are played when you are reminded about something.